Springdale Cemetery - Memories of a Lifetime (DVD)

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Learn about Peoria’s rich history through “snapshots” of the lives of people buried in Springdale Cemetery. SPRINGDALE CEMETERY: MEMORIES OF A LIFETIME spotlights historic individuals ranging from entrepreneurs, riverboat pilots and anti-slavery activists to aviation pioneers and founders of “Modern Peoria”. The program also looks at “The Distillers” – as Peoria was the whiskey capital of the world in the late 1800s and early 1900s. You will also visit Soldier Hill, where many military veterans are buried. Local historians provide profiles on a variety of individuals including: Mark Aiken, who was involved in the antislavery movement Lucie Brotherson Tyng, a temperance leader and first woman elected to the School Board Henry Detweiller, a riverboat pilot and ice company owner Octave Chanute, father of aviation who did much research on gliders and a personal friend of the Wright brothers John Warner, longtime mayor and the founder of “modern Peoria” back in the 1890s Lydia Moss Bradley, First woman to sit on a board of a bank in the state of Illinois… and quite possibly, the country. Founder of Bradley University. And many others!

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