Growing in Wisdom & Grace (Spalding Institute & Academy of Our Lady) (DVD)

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Spalding Institute and the Academy of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart are pillars in the history of Peoria. More than academic strongholds, these two schools helped from the morals, values and faith of generations of students and left a lasting impact on Central Illinois. In “Growing in Wisdom & Grace,” former students from both schools share memories of their school days and the important lessons they learned in and out of the classroom. Former Peoria Mayor Jim Maloof reflects on the strong sense of service to the community instilled by the schools. Sister Roberta describes the nurturing sense of family created by the teachers. Maury Joseph reminisces on the value of the strict discipline and code of conduct demanded by the schools. Tim Irwin shares insights on the schools’ excellence in academics and the arts as well as tales of Principal Ron Haley, Peoria’s first black teacher, and Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, Spalding’s most celebrated son. And Coach Ed Bradle, Robert Manning, Rita Haas, Karen Schwegel and many more also share memories that run the gamut from the very real personal and family sacrifices required to make a private education possible, to funny tales of challenging dress codes and the firm segregation of the boys and the girls.

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