Grand View Drive (DVD)

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Journey down Grand View Drive and tour some of Peoria’s most magnificent historic homes… This DVD on “The World’s Most Beautiful Drive” gives viewers a glimpse of the history of the drive and takes them into homes like “The Castle”, “Valley View”, and “Pine Oaks”. The program features interviews with local historians and writers including Gloria LaHood, Jerry Klein, Bill Adams, and Monica Vest Wheeler - and also talks to current residents of Grand View Drive. GRAND VIEW DRIVE also takes viewers back to the early 1900s and the fulfillment of a dream by a group of Peorians who envisioned a park and scenic drive on the bluffs overlooking the Illinois River. Grand View is also the first linear Park to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places. The drive, completed in 1903, also garnered attention nationally. According to a well-known Peoria story, former President Teddy Roosevelt was riding in a Glide car to the Peoria Country Club in 1910 when his driver apologized for the bumpy ride. Roosevelt replied that it didn’t matter because this was “the world’s most beautiful drive.”

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